K4KPN-10 I-Gate Now Receive Only

June 21, 2017

As of June 20, 2017 the KYPN sponsored K4KPN-10 30 meter Robust Packet APRS I-Gate is now a RX only I-Gate.

During recent maintenance at the site, the PA in the Yaesu FT-100D radio there was found to have failed. This is the 2nd Yaesu FT-100 of mine that has suffered PA failure and I gather this is very common failure for that radio. You would think it was a post-2001 era ICOM radio LOL. In fairness this radio was purchased used and with unknown TX hours/treatment in the past. I did do the fan modification to it and it was in a cool climate controlled environment, but again I have no idea of how it was treated in the past.

I obtained this radio cheap off the used market due to a damaged display so I’m not shedding any tears over it. Since it is remote operated via CAT control the display was a non-issue. It was well suited to a “tower site” 24x7x365 radio versus putting a more expensive HF radio at a tower site that takes a few lightning hits each year.

Even if replacement parts can be found I don’t plan to fix it for several reasons. We can’t run much more than single digit power at that site and it has always suffered from “big ears, tiny mouth” syndrome (RX range far exceeded its TX range).  I’m gone from the area most of the time and a friend has been helping me keep an eye on it since transmitters operating under the “automatic” rules need to be closely monitored. There has been some past concerns with digi/beacon rate abuse on the 30m channel from 2-land and we had recently discussed just running it as a receive only I-gate. Guess you could say this event has sealed the deal on that particular discussion.

I’m not a huge fan of RX only I-Gates, but given the increasingly sparse 24×7 gate coverage here in North America the pros outweigh the cons. Maybe some dedicated soul will put up a 24×7 30m RP I-Gate in the southeast sometime. If that happens I’ll probably pull the plug on this gate or run it on another band for tinkering. We have had it on 80/40/17/6m briefly a few times for tests, but I feel the HF RP APRS network is best served by NOT “fragmenting” all over the HF bands.




Moving on to Other Things

July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016,

I was going to announce this last night, but didn’t for obvious reasons.

All Dry Ridge ham radio infrastructure (packet, APRS, 440 repeater, 2m propagation beacon, etc) will be shut down in the coming weeks. Things will be turned off in phases, probably starting with the packet/APRS gear this weekend.

It has been a good 25+ years serving the area, no regrets. For a variety of reasons/opportunities it is time for me to move on to other things. I’ll be sending a more detailed notice out to the appropriate local users when time allows.


KYPN Mourns the Loss of KG4IDY

April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016:

Today KYPN mourns the loss of a loving husband, the father of two boys that any Dad would be proud of,  a ham’s ham (KG4IDY), and a kind generous man devoted to a lifetime of public service. Our hearts ache, your shoes impossible to fill, but we get some comfort knowing that heaven just inherited a true one-of-kind man.


Jonesville Fire Department Chief Duvall. AKA 1201 and KG4IDY.

Rest in peace my friend, we “got this” down here. Your family will have all the support and prayers they need today and going forward…they are now our family more than ever.


1201/9101/KG4IDY's casket returning to Jonesville from Owenton for the graveside service. The weather was perfect this weekend, the occasion so somber.  For those wondering about the duck? Don't worry, if you knew Chase then you know the story behind it.   Photo credit to B. Hearn.

April 17, 2016:   Chase’s casket returning to Jonesville from Owenton for the graveside service. The weather was perfect this weekend, the occasion so somber.  For those wondering about the duck? A local story to it, too long for posting here.     Photo credit to B. Hearn.