N0KFQ Silent Key

November 5, 2018

On Tuesday October 30, 2018 N0KFQ Kenneth Oscar Higgs became a Silent Key at age 88. The country, his family and the Branson Missouri community lost a good man. The packet radio community lost a good operator and a well known fixture in and long time contributor to the HF Packet BBS scene.

His obituary can be found here.

Ken, who went by “K.O.” was one of my early packet BBS mentors and helped me with the conflicting documentation out there on BBS HA when I was setting up my first full featured BBS. Years later when I worked with John (G8BPQ) on getting NTS forwarding added to BPQMail, K.O. was a source of good input as his FBB based BBS frequently handled NTS traffic.

To this day I’ve always kept an account on his BBS and would stop by occasionally, but not nearly as much as I should of. We all know how it is with us guys, we want to stay in better contact but “life” happens with family, work, etc.

KO’s wife Billie was also a ham (KB0WSA) and was also active in packet radio and ran one of the area packet nets for a long time. She passed away a few years ago. They both had a good life and witnessed a lot of history.

A comment from a friend’s email regarding KO’s death “We packet guys are all getting old and dying off.”  As I do my best to ignore the proliferation of gray hairs, I can’t disagree that attrition is doing a number on the packet radio community. We would all be wise to try and better engage the younger members of our hobby. Let us try to get more of them interested in and active on APRS and other packet radio applications. They are the future.

Well 88 years was a good long life. On behalf of KYPN and myself…. Rest in Peace K.O.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4



KYPN Mourns the Loss of KG4IDY

April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016:

Today KYPN mourns the loss of a loving husband, the father of two boys that any Dad would be proud of,  a ham’s ham (KG4IDY), and a kind generous man devoted to a lifetime of public service. Our hearts ache, your shoes impossible to fill, but we get some comfort knowing that heaven just inherited a true one-of-kind man.


Jonesville Fire Department Chief Duvall. AKA 1201 and KG4IDY.

Rest in peace my friend, we “got this” down here. Your family will have all the support and prayers they need today and going forward…they are now our family more than ever.


1201/9101/KG4IDY's casket returning to Jonesville from Owenton for the graveside service. The weather was perfect this weekend, the occasion so somber.  For those wondering about the duck? Don't worry, if you knew Chase then you know the story behind it.   Photo credit to B. Hearn.

April 17, 2016:   Chase’s casket returning to Jonesville from Owenton for the graveside service. The weather was perfect this weekend, the occasion so somber.  For those wondering about the duck? A local story to it, too long for posting here.     Photo credit to B. Hearn.